Arzik Finance


Client Protection Program

All customers with all types of accounts are eligible for this service.
Our Client Protections is a feature which allows you to insure your deposit and claim back its full amount, if you suffer a loss. This program is valid till further advise.

How it works:
Within the period of 7 days upon opening an account, the Deposit Protection is activated to cover all losses made on the first 5 transactions during this time-frame.

We guarantee to refund your losses. To claim this refund you should contact your Support Team, and they will process your request within five (5) business days.

The refunded amount can be withdrawn in EUR only after half a year has elapsed and provided that at least one transaction equivalent to 1 Lot is made per month under this account.

The Refund:
The refund applies only to deposits. It does not account for bonuses or profit earned.
If you are eligible for a refund but you have already received one for an older deposit, the old one will be cancelled so that you may use the new one.

Terms and Conditions

  • The company has the right to decline to pay refund if:

1. The client deliberately violates the rules of the User Agreement during the active period of the Client Protection program.

2. During the last 30 days there have been two or more infringements of the User Agreement by the client.

3. The client has one or more of the following bonuses on their account: No Deposit Bonus, Easy Deposit Bonus, Point Bonus. These are not compatible with the Client Protection program.